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Tick Control You Can Count On

Ticks are surprisingly common in the Canton, Weymouth and Hingham areas, and they can easily put your family and pets in jeopardy. Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease and a number of other health problems that can be transmitted through a simple bite. If you have a tick problem on your property or you want to prevent one from developing in the first place, contact Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South to learn about our innovative tick control solutions.

Complete Tick Control through Prevention and Elimination

Tick Control - 6 Cs Chart

We use a combination of techniques to get rid of ticks in your yard and keep them from coming back. First, we treat the entire property with our barrier control application, which eliminates adult ticks on contact. This treatment will last for up to 21 days before it has to be reapplied.

Once the mosquito treatment is in place, we can put tick tubes in strategic locations throughout your yard to entice mice. The biodegradable tubes are filled with treated cotton that the mice will naturally use to build their nests. Most juvenile ticks get their first taste of blood from mice, so they are exposed to the treatment when they go to feed. The result is a yard for you and your family to enjoy.

The tick tubes must be replaced twice a season for maximum protection. Contact us at (781) 297-0123 for a free tick control consultation.

Combined Tick & Mosquito Control

Unfortunately, ticks usually aren’t the only pests lurking in your Canton, Weymouth and Hingham area backyard. Mosquitoes are usually present as well, especially during the warm months of the year. Lucky for you, the advanced control barrier we offer at Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South protects both mosquitoes and ticks at the same time.

Sign up for scheduled tick and mosquito control, and we will automatically come out to your property every 21 days. You don’t even have to be around when we treat your property. We’ll send you an email the day before as notice that we’re coming and then we’ll leave a note after we stop by.

Call (781) 297-0123 today for a free consultation.

Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South serves: Abington, Avon, Braintree, Brockton (02301), Canton, Cohasset, Dorchester (02124), Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Weymouth and Wollaston.


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