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Gnat Knowledge 101

Gnats make enjoying your outdoor spaces difficult. Gnats love wet, rotten, organic matter such as leaf litter, abandoned yard clippings, fungi and mulch. They are extremely prolific – their life cycle is about 28 days and each female will lay around 300 eggs that will hatch into larva in less than a week. Also know that some gnats found in our service area do bite, depending on the species.

Gnats are drawn to and love to hang out in moist areas, around outdoor lights and around your trash cans. Our technician can walk you through our gnat treatment options and address problem areas on your property that can be improved to reduce the gnat population. Some things you can do before our technician arrives include:

  • Reduce moist areas such as clogged roof gutters, spread out thick areas of organic material like mulch, grass, leaves and garden debris.
  • Fix any leaky pipes you have around your property, including sewer pipes and water faucets. Any area where water pools and sits will be a magnet for the gnats and breeding.
  • Change all your outdoor lighting to low-voltage bug lights. This will save you money in energy costs and help with controlling gnats on your property.
  • Eliminate any over-watering of outdoor vegetation. The best time to water is early in the morning.
  • Always keep your garbage cans covered and the areas around them clear of rubbish.

By exercising these helpful suggestions along with our proven barrier control treatments that help eliminate gnats as well as mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects, we can help you reclaim your outdoor space to enjoy once again!

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Few things can spoil an enjoyable time outside faster than the frustrating swarm of gnats. No one enjoys spending all day putting on bug spray or hanging out around citronella candles, besides do they really help against gnats? An outside biting gnat can cause extreme discomfort and can lead to other medical problems from allergic reactions for some people. Not only willsome species of gnats annoy and bite you and your family, but they can also bite your pets causing them to suffer. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South has the answer for all your nuisance insect problems.

Our gnat treatment package can be added on to any seasonal mosquito package. We use similar products for both, but for gnats there is an added growth inhibitor. This growth inhibitor stops a life stage of a gnat from moving to the next. Because uncontrolled gnat populations are consistently in different stages of life, one treatment would not be effective. Therefore, we will spray for gnats every time we come to treat your property for mosquitoes.

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