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Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South protects you and your family from ticks both now and later

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is quickly coming to a close and fall is just around the corner. The kids will be back in school (if they’re not already), football will be back, everything will be “pumpkin spiced,” and people will be trading in their swimsuits for long pants and hoodies. The cold weather and death of summer also means the death of ticks, right?


Contrary to popular belief, ticks do not die in cold weather, as we wrote about earlier this year on our Blog. Rather, they become dormant and “hibernate,” so to speak. However, with the changing climate and record-high temperatures in recent years, there’s no guaranteeing ticks will be disappearing at the kickoff of football season. They’re bound to be hanging around much later this year, and reemerge earlier in the spring. Your chance of getting bitten by a tick and contracting a tick-borne disease like Lyme disease are just as high in the fall as in mid-summer.

Protection NOW & LATER!

Fortunately, Mosquito Squad packs a one-two punch when it comes to tick control. Our barrier treatment that we use for mosquitoes is equally effective at eliminating nearly 90% of adult ticks in your yard. But in the spring and fall, when temperatures are just starting to warm up or cool down, we implement a “bonus round” that helps eliminate ticks now, and also halts their life cycle so that you don’t need to worry about them later. — much like the promise of a certain beloved candy confection from our childhood boasts on the wrapper! So what’s our secret?

Tick tubes!

Tick tubes are small, biodegradable tubes that are stuffed with cotton treated with permethrin, a mild insecticide. We place tick tubes strategically around your yard where we know mice will find them. The common field mouse is quite the helper when it comes to eliminating ticks, as they are oftentimes the choice blood meal of ticks in the larval stage and also nymph stage. The cotton inside tick tubes is enticing to mice, who take it back to their burrows. While a mouse is moving around and fluffing up the cotton, the permethrin rubs off on their fur. This chemical is not harmful to mice, don’t worry. But it is fatal to ticks.

— How tick tubes work

Our tick control works at every stage of a tick’s life. Ticks have a four-stage life cycle, and at every life stage, they need a blood meal in order to progress to the next one. They start as one of a batch of thousands of eggs, then hatch into a six-legged larva stage. After their blood meal in the larva stage, they find their blood meal and evolve into an eight-legged nymph. In the nymph stage, they find another blood meal, and evolve into an adult tick. Then, when a tick is an adult, if it is female, she must have a blood meal in order to produce eggs. Most ticks (including the deer or black-legged tick, the one responsible for Lyme disease) find a different host for their blood meal at every stage.

The entire life cycle of a tick can take up to three years, and most die before finding their next blood meal. But ticks in their younger stages often find their blood meals from mice and other small animals like squirrels and bunnies, all of whom can be carriers of Lyme disease. It’s when a tick bites an infected animal that it picks up the harmful pathogen, and if you happen to be its next meal, it transmits the disease to you and that’s how you get sick. But, if a mouse happens to have the permethrin from the cotton stuffed in our tick tubes on its fur, a hungry tick in any life stage will soon be no more. Adult female ticks who need one last blood meal before laying several thousand eggs will be unable to reproduce, and her eggs will die along with her. One by one, the ticks in your yard will “clear out” and your property will become nearly tick-free!

Everyone needs tick tubes, especially here in the Northeast where Lyme disease is so prevalent. The best time to start tick control is in spring when the majority of the larvae hatch from eggs. But as we mentioned, tick season is actually year round, so the sooner you order Mosquito Squad’s tick control “bonus round,” the better chance you’ll have eliminating more ticks and lessening your chances of getting Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness. Call Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South today at (781) 297-0123 to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently offering a Late Summer Tick Cycle Package that includes 9 weeks of Traditional Mosquito/Tick Barrier protection and one free (regularly $125) application of Tick Tubes for $297 for up to 1/2 acre.*
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