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Be Prepared For The Emergence Of Larval Ticks This Season!

In just a few short weeks, larval ticks will begin emerging in and around the Weymouth, Canton, Cohasset, Hingham and South Shore areas. Those eggs that adult female ticks laid back in the spring are due to hatch late summer and reach peak activity by August. No bigger than a newsprint period, a larva will wait on the ground until a small mammal or bird brushes up against it. The larva then attaches itself to its host begins feeding, and over a few days, engorges (swells up) with blood.

— Photo courtesy Tick Encounter Resource Center

Here is the interesting part of the Lyme Disease puzzle — larval ticks are not born infected with the disease. In order to become infected, the larva must feed on a host that is already infected with the Lyme Disease spirochete (a form of bacterium), as a result of a previous bite from an infected tick! The Lyme Disease infection and transmission puzzle is much like a neverending carousel.

Because deer tick larvae are not born infected, they cannot transmit Lyme Disease to their human hosts. Instead, reservoir hosts, such as rodents and other small mammals, can infect the larvae. Having already fed, an infected larva will not seek another host, human or otherwise, until after it reaches the next stage in its life cycle. Therefore, larvae do not, in themselves, pose the threat of Lyme Disease to humans or their pets. However, the larval tick emergence is the perfect time to target and eradicate the tick in order to reduce the possibility of further transmission during the tick’s subsequent life stages.

This means now is the time to help reduce their overall numbers and reproduction capabilities by cutting them off at the pass, so to speak, of this life stage. Through our tick control service, Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South can effectively reduce the number of ticks on your South Shore-area property through our barrier control application and tick tube implementation. The tick tubes are very effective in that they provide insecticide-treated nesting material to mice that are a favorite first blood meal for larval ticks. When the larval ticks come in contact with the nesting material they die. Eliminating ticks at their larval stage interrupts the tick life cycle, stopping ticks before they can spread pathogens or lay up to 2000 eggs each, on your property. The tick tubes must be replaced twice a season for maximum protection.

— How tick tubes work

Now is the time to be proactive about controlling and preventing ticks on your property. Our tick control program is designed to with the tick’s natural life cycle, our tick tubes eliminate tomorrow’s generation of ticks today. Contact us at (781) 297-0123 for a free tick control consultation.

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