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Let Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South Ensure Your Outdoor Event Remains Mosquito-Free

Summer has arrived and the warm days
you’ve waited for are here at last! It is only natural that the debut of the season means you’re planning an outdoor party that your friends and family will remember for years. The tent is up…the grass is manicured, the flowers are flawless…the food is perfect. For the past hour, guests have been arriving and they are raving about your wonderful party. The sun is setting, and soon there will be music, and happy people dancing…

But, wait, something is not quite…right.

You hear a faint buzzing in your ear, and then you slap your arm – there it is! A mosquito! You flick away the pest and hope that you don’t get bitten again. You look around at the guests and notice that some of them frowning and waving away what looks like…mosquitoes.

Drawn by the lights and the people, summer’s party crashers are here. Mosquitoes and ticks gather where they can easily find a blood meal, and a crowd of people is the perfect place for them to feast. Making you and your guests of their buffet!

A party near a wooded area or dense underbrush or long grasses is also perfect for young and adult ticks who like to jump onto a passing person and burrow into their skin. The ticks then feast for 24 to 36 hours…and your guests might never even see or feel them. Many ticks also carry bacterial infections such as Lyme disease…which, untreated, can leave their human host with chronic pain. Mosquitoes, though easier to see, can also spread diseases such as West Nile virus.

Party favors are all you want to take home from your Weymouth, Canton or Hingham, MA, party - not ticks!

In addition to the threat of vector-borne disease, ticks and mosquitoes can spoil even the most elaborate party. No one wants to stay outdoors with biting pests around. What might be an annoyance on an ordinary day is a huge nuisance at a special event like a wedding, 4th of July, a bar or bat mitzvah…a christening, a milestone birthday party, a family reunion or a high school or college graduation.

Whether it’s an outdoor party, holiday barbecue or your wedding day, there is no need for mosquitoes to make you and your guests part of the menu. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South special event mosquito control provides special event mosquito control applications in Weymouth, Hingham and Canton, MA, and the surrounding areas to control mosquitoes before they ruin your special day.

We will treat the area for your planned Canton, Weymouth or Hingham, MA, area outdoor event, or celebration, with a two-part application of our barrier control treatment. We will span these applications several days apart to add protection against outdoor pests, such as mosquitoes and ticks.

Our trained technicians will treat the area with a pre-application prior to your outdoor event, creating an odorless barrier that eliminates mosquitoes. We will then schedule a subsequent application 24-48 hours before your outdoor event.

Depending on your venue and date, we will work with the host or event planner to ensure the treatment has time to eliminate mosquitoes before guests arrive. Relax and enjoy your party with our help!

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Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South serves Abington, Avon, Braintree, Brockton (02301), Canton, Cohasset, Dorchester (02124), Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Weymouth and Wollaston.


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