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Fall means more opportunities for outdoor living!

Historically, Labor Day marks the last weekend of summer for many Weymouth, Canton and Hingham, MA, residents. It epitomizes the last hurrah of outdoor living, outdoor celebrations, and bids farewell to summer. But, is there any real truth to it?

True. School has begun and that means a return to schedules, homework, responsibilities and the end of the summer vacation season. However, in all honesty, many Massachusetts residents prefer fall over warmer seasons when it comes to spending time outdoors. The temperatures are less humid and hot making it the perfect setting to indulge in carefree outdoor living.

If you have school-age children and depending on their ages, chances are, they will head to the backyard upon arriving home from school each day. After securing an afterschool snack and finishing their homework (um hum), elementary-school-aged kids will most likely be ready for backyard play to get rid of some of that energy from being in the classroom all day.

If your child is involved in Fall sports through his/her school or a local athletic program after school is the perfect time for practice. Though many teams schedule on site practice times for participants, most likely your child will want to practice at home in order to refine their skills and gain confidence come game time!

Outdoor living opportunities during the fall aren’t just for kids either. What better season for enjoying your outdoor fire feature, such as a fire pit or fireplace, for relaxing and conversations among friends? Gathering for a little half time fun on your deck or porch during the big game? Decorating the exterior of your MA home to reflect the season?

With all of this in mind, it is safe to assume that keeping your backyard free of dangerous mosquitoes and ticks is high on the priority list for parents. Many of us assume that once Labor Day has come and gone, there is no longer a need for mosquito and tick control services. However, in reality, nothing is farther from the truth. The autumn is a period when mosquitoes and ticks are both active and still in search of a host for a blood meal.

According to the University of Rhode Island’s Tick Encounter Resource Center, the adult stage deer tick actually begins its feeding activity about the time of first frost and it will latch onto any larger host (cat to human) any day that the temperature is above freezing. That’s right, adult deer ticks will feed until the ground is frozen or covered in snow.

Those of us who like to spend time in our yards in the fall must take measures to rid it of the dangers and discomfort of ticks. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South can help with this. We will treat your yard by targeting those specific areas where ticks harbor and breed, like brush, wood piles, tall grass and under decks. For those who want a more intensive tick treatment, who also offer Tick Tubes.

So, as a new season emerges and a new school year is underway, know that our mosquito control tick control services can ensure your backyard will remain a place of recreation, creativity, and enjoyment for your entire family!

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