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Call Now to Have Your Yard Sprayed for Mosquitoes Prior to Your Labor Day Weekend

As Labor Day rapidly approaches and we all look forward to a longer weekend, are you sure your Labor Day cookout is going to go off without a hitch? What about all those pesky biting and bloodsucking mosquitoes? If you don’t want to turn your Labor Day cookout into a free-for-all feeding frenzy for the mosquitoes, it’s best to call the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South. We can reduce the mosquito population within your yard by up to 90%!

Think of it this way – mosquitoes find their next blood meal through the smell of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and sweat. Some people smell better to them than others, in fact. Now, put a whole gathering of people in a backyard (a.k.a an outdoor cookout), and imagine how delectable that must smell to hundreds of mosquitoes. The larger the gathering, the more tasty your party smells to the mosquitoes. Don’t allow your guests to be literally itching to leave or go indoors this weekend, call The Squad!

Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South specializes in event sprays and party sprays. They’re, simply put, a more intense version of our common, highly effective barrier spray. We can provide you with the ultimate in mosquito control for your upcoming Labor Day cookout. To find out how to schedule your spray in time for the weekend, call us today at (781) 297-0123, email us at [email protected] or fill out our form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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